Full service alcohol and beverage wholesaler and importer

PM-Juomatukku Oy is a flexible and full-service alcohol and beverage wholesaler in Tampere, Finland. We get versatile coverage of both soft and alcoholic beverages. The family business started its activities in 1980 as a wholesaler of beers, and in 1993 we expanded into the current full range of alcoholic beverage wholesales.

Our customer base consists of restaurants, shops, caterers, businesses and communities. We can sell up to 5.5% beers,  ciders, soft drinks, juices and tobacco products and accessories from our pickup store for non-licensed businesses, corporations and individuals.

A comprehensive range of drinks and supplies

In addition to wines and spirits, we have the widest range of foreign and domestic beers and ciders (including nearly 300 domestic craft beers), as well as restaurant supplies and tobacco products, a total of over 4000 products.


Spirits - PM-Juomatukku Oy, Tampere

Spirits and mild alcoholic beverages

Our product range covers the most popular Finnish and foreign brands, for example over 100 gini-labels and over 200 different whiskeys.

Wines and mild alcohol beverages  - PM-Juomatukku Oy


Our selection includes over 1000 wine products. The focus is on mid-priced and affordable wines.

Beer, siders and alcopops - PM-Juomatukku Oy, Tampere

Beers, ciders and alcopops

One of the largest selections of Finnish and foreign brewery and microbrewery products in Finland.

Private label products - PM-Juomatukku Oy, Tampere

Private label products

Campaign products and similar items with the customer company's own label are produced in cooperation with breweries.

Non-alcoholic beverages - PM-Juomatukku Oy, Tampere

Non-alcoholic beverages

Milk, coffee, juices, soft drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, mixers, energy drinks, waters, etc.

Tobaccos and supplies - PM-Juomatukku Oy, Tampere

Tobacco products

Cigarettes, cigars and smoking accessories.

Glassware and supplies - PM-Juomatukku Oy, Tampere

Glassware and supplies

Glasses, ashtrays, drink stirrers, toilet paper, hand towels, and measures as well as food products, such as citrus fruit and confectionery, to be used in bars.

Beer tap equipment for rent - PM-Juomatukku Oy

Tap equipment

For company and family events.